Friday, 13 March 2009

Life changing or career building?

Depending on the roll that you apply for, the qualities that are sought after in the game industry vary. I think having that experience and training in the chosen field that you want to work in must pay off in the long run. There is no end to creativity, but I fail to see how you could harness this potential without the necessary skills. 

Found this on the corporate page from Nintendo's website -
'Developing a video game takes the skills of many talented people. Programming knowledge is a must. A good background in C++ can go far. Other classes that are helpful include graphic design, computer modeling and animation, and mathematics.

There are also some helpful courses that may not seem obvious: history, philosophy, creative writing, logic, music appreciation and drama. All of these help in character and story development.'

So as you can see one of the most important requirements is an understanding of programming o_O do I learn any of that? I can use the 3d modeling software to an extent and am improving my drawing skills gradually but I don't actually know any programming as such... As for the 'helpful courses' I suppose this could count as creative writing, plus I did an A-Level in English Language which probably increased my vocabulary and comprehension of English. Oh and an 'appreciation of music', I have that too ;D It's not like I listen of one kind of music, I will actually give anything a try. I think for me it has to have a hook, where there's a certain part of a song that I will repeat it for just to hear that one part. 

For the majority of my education I didn't actually know what I wanted to do, so I stuck to both creative and liberal arts courses to keep my options open for possible career paths. I think doing this has expanded my knowledge of subjects and confirmed the fact that I will always end up going back to art.

I do think they structured the Gameart course well in that it covers the most of the requirements key to becoming a successful game artist and so hopefully will result in a high employability when I leave to join the industry.
See ya ~Emi ^o^ 

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