Saturday, 14 March 2009


Actually turned out to be true... started trying to write this blog post and ended up doing some ink drawings ^_^

Seiken Densetsu: Japanese for 'Legend of the Holy Sword', known as the Mana series in the west. Square Enix has produced some of the most beautiful artwork that I have ever seen in a game. I absolutely love their style of drawing; the signature contrast of the cold and warm colours, the way the wash of colour is layered to produce stronger tones and richer shades... 

So this is kinda my attempt at their technique, starting with shells as they seem to be a frequent 'accessory' in mana characters... I did use a similar style in some of my a-level art work however I incorporated orange and blue hues into these ink studies.

Meh mine are nothing in comparison... obviously they aren't as vibrant or detailed... was just testing out some ideas anyway ^^ I think I will definitely start using watercolour pencils in my work more, they give such great colour pay off :D

See ya ~Emi ^o^

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