Wednesday, 13 May 2009


There For Tomorrow <3

The best band you've never heard of... When I can listen to a bands album and love every song on there they quickly become a favourite. I did need convincing on some of the songs I guess, not that didn't like it but I just had to listen to it a few times until I found the hooks. Sooo wish I could go see them at this years Warped Tour... just so happens to be in California when I'm visiting Boston in August :/ never mind eyyy

Linkssss =]
(also look for the acoustic version of this)

AND the cover song of Omarion's 'Ice Box' is pretty damn good

Ohh and not long now til their new album comes out on June 9th !!! ^_^ 

See ya ~Emi ^o^

The Days We Walked Are Over...

It's funny how some things end up working out... the future is so unpredictable! 

As much I loved the drawing side of game art, the 3d side turned out to be not for me. I did originally apply for both graphic design and game art at DMU, although I was accepted for both courses I thought going into game art would give me more of an advantage if I chose to work in gaming, which it probably would but that was more down to the fact that we'd have experience in 3d...

I'd rather go on a course that I fully enjoy all aspects of and perhaps give myself more time to think about what I really want to do as a career in the future. 

I have the interview coming up in 2 weeks so hopefully the transition will run smoothly, it will be a weird sense of deja vu doing the same interview as last year but atleast I know what to expect and really shouldn't be as nervous for this one!

I don't ever regret things, there isn't much to regret about this year though tbh I just treat it as a learning experience and if I hadn't chosen this course to start off with I would have never met such amazing people :)

and... DON'T WORRY of course I will come and visit you crazy lot in gameart I'm still in fletcher !!!!  

See ya ~Emi ^o^