Friday, 13 March 2009


AKA 'Game Developers Conference'... well one of the things that first caught my eye is that the conferences taking place in March are being held in San Francisco! I've only been to America once and that's where we stayed for a week ^_^ though that was 2 years ago now eek!

Anyway on with the game conferences! Now it's not just handheld gaming consoles that will allow you to game whilst on the move, with mobile phones becoming more advanced they now provide the necessary battery power, graphics and memory storage to make game playing appealing and accessible. 

Also, with the latest designs in phones such as the iPhone bringing free internet access and 'applications' getting games on your mobile is now simpler than ever. Does this jeopardize the handheld gaming market at all? I think that with the better quality of games available for the consoles and with a more convenient control system they are safe for now... With practically everyone owning a mobile nowadays if they released a decent game for phones it would probably be quite successful. Another factor that would contribute to good sales would be that there is no need to buy a £100 console plus so far mobile games have been relatively cheap to download compared to the mainstream gaming consoles. 

Oh, and download this to your phone you know you want toooo ;)

On a different note, I remember when I came for my interview at DMU and my lecturer showed us one of the 'serious' games that was being developed ('dying dave' I think it was called? or something...) for educational purposes such as training to be a nurse. The idea is that you can simulate the situation without having to face the consequences if they go wrong. I think it's a great way of improving their experience without the risks of doing it in real life, so they can practice until they feel they are ready.

See ya ~Emi ^o^

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