Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The Games Industry

Oh god where do I start with this one? Every wednesday we get a lecture on how there are fewer jobs becoming available due to the credit crunch etc. which actually does scare me to death :S but there's still time for things to improve...

There are several different careers within the game industry, Game programmer, Game designer, Level designer, Game producer, Game artist, Game tester... It just shows how diverse the variety of roles there are available, so people can have many different backgrounds and still apply to work in the games industry if they choose, which also shows the intense competition that us students alone face when we head into the world of work. 

Recently games companies are reaching financial strains which is forcing many of the smaller ones to either join the larger companies or risk dying out. This results in a loss of jobs which makes it even harder for us to apply for jobs in the industry... Who knows what the future holds though, maybe in a couple of years when the economy gets better smaller companies will be the ones moving the innovation forward by thinking differently.

See ya ~Emi ^o^

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