Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Game Design: Story and character

In 24 your perception of who appears to be on the good or bad side basically gets completely turned around. Not wanting to spoil the series if some of you haven't watched it, I will just say that not everyone is who you think they are and it's the characters that you aren't watching that suddenly find themselves at the centre of the story. It does create unusual twists in the plot line which in itself makes the viewer immerse themselves with the depths of the story. Another interesting concept they added to it was that each episode was in real time. The reason I discovered this series actually is through playing the video game, which links the 2nd and 3rd series of the program.

It is important to relate with the characters in a plot in order to feel connected yourself. In the Twilight series and His Dark Materials I felt I could share the protagonists concerns, especially since they are both teenage girls and so was a similar age to me when I was reading the books. I like the way the stories start out innocent and unsuspecting then you discover how some of the characters have a dark side and you feel empathy for the main character as you feel they have also broken your trust. 

In Alice in Wonderland the characters are colourful and vivid but seem strange when placed in moody background.

The way the characters react to each other is also important, which is where secondary characters (bit parts) come into the equation. Much thought has to go into the design of these characters as they surround your player and interact with them.

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