Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Writing about games

Yeah... I have a whole collection of nintendo magazines...
(and there's plenty more where that came from...)

I like to see the previews on games that are coming out to get an idea if they're any good or not. It's so hard to tell what the game is like from just looking at the box, I tend to buy it if the screenshots look good as the visual representation of the game is very important to me.

Also comparing the views on games that I've played on and enjoyed is always interesting as you get to see other peoples perspective. Many aspects of the game would have to be considered when reviewing it: graphics, audio, gameplay, innovation... I guess each game would be judged on these categories whilst seeing if it matches the consoles intended capabilities.
I value the objective view on games when I'm reading the reviews, it is meant to be read by anyone interested in the game so in order to apply to that audience the review would have to be unbiased by simply ranking the game for what it is, not so much what they made of it.

I don't think a ranking system for games is exactly necessary for sales, you're still going to get people buying the crap games despite what reviewers say, however I do think influences whether gamers choose to buy the game or not.

What is NGJ?? New games journalism apparently... I suppose online reviews would have more of an impact than magazines due to them already being available for everyone to read and for free. They would be more subjective than magazines as it is more a persons opinion when they are blogging rather than an 'official' review which would probably have guidelines for them to stick to.

How do I feel about my own writing? I do actually love doing this just because gaming is something I'm passionate about (god how geeky does that sound...) but it does make me feel better about thinking that I did choose the right course because I always have plenty to say for these blogs once I actually get around to writing them ^^'

See ya ~Emi ^o^

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