Tuesday, 30 December 2008


I do apologise for not updating my blog as often as I should... but I am getting into it now and should have the rest of the posts written up soon ^_^

One of the things that has been distracting me is that I recently got into reading the Twilight series, my friend bought the book as a christmas present after I went to go see the film with her last week and it's my new favourite book!!

I did really enjoy the film but it is NOTHING in comparison to the book (it never is, look at what they did to The Golden Compass...).
The film also has an awesome soundtrack so you should really check that out too!

It's been aages since I've gotten stuck into a good book so I'm just a bit obsessed haha XD

Watch out for the next game related post!
See ya ~Emi ^o^

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